With the data we capture, our customers can start to manage their travel programme more efficiently and better safeguard their employees by knowing where in the world they are at any one time. 
Our team works with clients to generate as full a picture as possible from the intelligence available. Data on the trips employees make, for example, is gathered from numerous sources, then consolidated, processed, validated and sifted for bugs and inaccuracies, and presented for Analysis.
It’s a powerful tool to guide strategy, spending and decision-making. It’s easy to use for decision-makers outside the sphere of travel, in finance and procurement, for example: each user can order and receive bespoke reports on the issues that interest them, whenever and however often choose.


Bank statements don’t really tell you very much, and nothing at all about your patterns of spending or how  you might think about making your money work harder.
That’s why our team devoted to combing through data to seek out the stories behind our customers’ travel spend. They’re highly skilled data analysts and finance specialists who work with our business managers to design and put in place structured reporting plans for our customers, based on their needs and objectives.
If there’s a decisive trend or tendency, anomaly or incongruity lurking in your organisation’s travel data.
If one of your regions is booking hotels at a much higher rate than the others, you’ll know about it. If you’re considering renegotiating your airline deals, we’ll compile data about the airlines your travellers have used, which class they’ve travelled in and the prices they’ve paid, to give a clear picture on wich to base your next steps. It’s not about knowing all the facts: it’s all about knowing the right facts. For example, an initiative to encourage travelers to book at least 14 days in advance and take advantage of lower fares had immediate impact: within a month, more than half of purchases were being made at least 30 days in advanced, and our clients was making major saving.


Travel isn’t just an expense. It’s a strategic issue. It impacts on how well organisations perform. The best-managed programmes provide employees with the freedom to travel when they need to, and the confidence that, when they get there, they’ll be in shape to get maximum value from the trip. 
Our team assemble intelligence from numerous sources, gathering and analyzing a client’s own data as well as drawing on benchmarking data, trends and forecasts from across industries. They’ll track review travel policy and supplier relationships, and arrive at clear, actionable recommendations on where the next objectives lie and how to reach them. Our clients are complex entities with many different divisions and costs centers, each with their own habits and ways of spending money. Which is why they accept us not just as a supplier but as a business partner, working within a committed relationship to secure their success.