Our company is built on the knowledge that comes from getting customers from A to B every day for 170 years. And, as we all know, travel is never straightforward. A to B is just the start of it.

It’s about knowing how to make year-on-year saving  on travel, get the very best deals from suppliers, develop and introduce travel policies across continents, build industry-leading travel-booking  tools, extract piercing insights from streams of raw data, change the booking  behavior of your employees… and get you out of a hole, wherever in the world it may be.


Despite whatever technical advances we’ve made in the recent past (and we’ve made few, as you’ll discover), our people remain the thing that sets HRG apart. 

Our people is an over-used phrase. In our case, though, it’s an appropriate one. Running through the company from our frontline service centers to board level is a core of the longest-serving, most dedicated and dazzlingly brilliant staff in the industry: people who live and breathe the business of making travel safer, less expensive  and more efficient for our clients.


At this point, we could tell you that we provide emergency assistance and traveller support around the world, 24 hours a day. And that over 90% of clients with the option of sticking with us or switching each year, choose to stick. But those bare facts don’t really tell you what we’re capable of. What we can really do. They don’t tell you that we can consolidate travel data of different departments/legal entities, providing visibility on spending, global supplier deals, consistent travel data and uniform booking approval and payment process. 

They don’t tell you that HRG Ukraine can save averagely 1620 hryvnas from each air ticket (in 15% cases we find cheaper fare) by automatic solution that is looking for lower fare after booking is made. Or that we can find a suitable destination and venue for a client’s conference and arrange travel and accommodation for 1000 delegates from each region of Ukraine and different countries of the world. With the resources at our disposal, HRG will transform your experience of travel, as an organization and individuals.