In the business, you live and die by how you perform at the sharp end. By how well you handle the job of getting home thousands of your clients’ distressed employees when they’ve been left stranded by a volcanic ash cloud or tsunami, for example. And equally, how well you handle the thousands of client requested you receive every day for tickets, rooms, visas and venues. That personal understanding, or “client empathy”, as we sometimes call it, plays a part every time a traveller books with us. But it’s especially valuable in arranging the most complex itineraries.


Tucked away on their own high-security floor in our technology hub, unseen by most visitors, is a special group of people whose devotion to their craft is hard to put on paper. This is our technology team: developers who have been headhunted by leading software houses, and product managers and salespeople who live and breathe the product that bear the HRG name. On our own platform, we’ve built an entire suite of integrated travel tools that talk to each other, offer complete consistency of data, and span the entire travel process, from booking and approval to expense management. We’re responding constantly to new requirements from clients, customizing our tools.


Every year, around 30% of our client contracts come up for renewal. That means that, between January and December, around a third of our clients have the chance to bid us bon voyage. Yet, hardly any do. Over 90% of our renewing customers choose to stay with us. So why are so many respected national businesses heading in our direction? Our way is to work from the other end: understand the customers, weave together experience, skills, services and technologies into a programme  of action that first exactly. Suggestions and brainwaves from customers are all grist to our mill.  We have implemented one of the first B2B online tool in Ukraine. When we need to change pace and direction, the experience, expertise and technology we have in-house gives us the agility to do it.