Travel policy compliance

Travel-related bad habits cost companies millions each year. There are some you can’t ignore.
There are the last-minuters who book their flights and accommodation at lavish expense the day before they travel. There are the tinkerers and twitters who book well in advance but can’t help making costly adjustments to their booking  as their day of departure approaches. And the rebels who ride roughshod over their companies lists of preferred airlines, hotels and venues.
We work with national and multinational customers to develop corporate travel policies and preferred supplier programmes that can be complied with across divisions and regions.

Resistance is common, and changing the rules about, say, business class flights or the rate caps on hotels is never popular with everyone can live with. By doing that, we drive business into customers’ preferred programmes and drive costs down.
Our technologies play a big part HRG booking tools can be customised to indicate clearly what users should do to follow policy, and even prompt bookers to accept the cheapest or negotiated fare, for example. Users can see the right thing to do – which they can’t on the phone. And with a product they like and know, they’re less inclined to stray to a cheap tickets  site.


For us it’s about consistently driving down the costof travel with every strategic recommendation we make and every booking. We develop and improve travel policies for customers, consolidate their travel programmes, negotiate better deals with suppliers, and introduce cost avoidance techniques. If a customer paid a certain price for journey last year,we’ll negotiate a lower price this year, even if the fare has gone up in the meantime. We’re fighting inflation and price rises all the time. But that’s what we exept at: it’s where our experience and influence come into their own.


HRG is a passport to control. We quickly identify where travel and procurement managers need insight, and we provide them with the system and rigorous reporting tools to get on top of their spending, and keep them continuously informed about where their people, and their money, are going.

Our own technologies offer the ability to deliver consistency of data across every element of expenditure. Our range of booking tools – for everything from air and rail tickets to hotel and insurance – talk to each other and integrate completely, in any configuration, to match a customer’s   travel policy and their brand.