Why should you trust  HRG Ukraine in organization and management of your business travel and costs on them? The answer is simple - because we are experts of our business.


logo_02  More than 18 years of experience gives an assurance to our partners in the detailed knowledge of the specifics of the market, the ability to offer creative solutions of different complexity tasks, which allows you to choose the best solution.
logo_02  Proactivity of our team is based on the multiple experience and principles of customer orientation that allows understand what is important to you now and foreseen your needs in the future.

logo_02 As a representative of the international brand, HRG Ukraine has the necessary information and tools for security software all processes including, that gives you a guarantee of preservation of data, the safety of your employees, the partnership as a whole.


logo_02 Flexible pricing allows each client to choose the best offer, thus providing you with most effective management of the business travel costs.
logo_02 Sky Travel HRG Ukraine is a reliable partner for absolute majority of suppliers in the business travel segment, thus you get the most competitive price offers.

logo_02 Sky Travel HRG Ukraine is an internationally recognized expert in consolidation analysis of cost data of the business trips and as a result - to optimize your company's budget.

Enjoy service

logo_02 The attentiveness to each client creates a feeling of interaction comfort, allowing your employees to focus on their business tasks.
logo_02 The ability to listen and hear each client helps our team to organize a communication in such a way as each of your colleagues enjoy the process of our cooperation.
logo_02 An integral part of the HRG Policy is a provision quality options, which facilitates your choice process and ensures the achievement of the anticipated outcome.