How to reserve tickets online

The first step the system offers is the choice of the route of a flight. In the “To/From” section you can type in the name of a city or an airport, and the system automatically auto-fills missing letters in all possible names.
1.1. To get full details on your request, we recommend that you choose – Direct flight and – Fixed date – for the system to filter connecting flights and time intervals -+ / -3 days prior to a fixed date.
1.2. As soon as online reservation is successfully finalized, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, which includes the last name and the name of a passenger (s), flight details, the cost of e-ticket (the number of e-ticket for each passenger, if paid).
It is important that the price stated on the web site is valid for the moment of reservation. If you do not finalize the reservation process and start reserving from the first step, the price corresponds to a new request on the availability of tickets.
2. To successfully reserve an e-ticket, you must follow the following rules:
- the last name and the name of a passenger must be typed in Latin characters, in full correspondence with his/her passport.
- Online reservation must be finalized not later than 3 hours before the flight.
3. Correction of the last name and the name of a passenger in a reserved ticket.
Only the person whose last name and name are stated in a flight ticket can be admitted onboard. If a last name or a name is written with an error, an airline company has the right not to admit the passenger onboard. (If there are more than three errors in a name or a last name, or the errors distort a last name or a name).
For more information about the correction of a name or a last name address the agency consultants.
4. Can I personally check my reservation?
In the “My reservation” section you can check your reservation at any time!
You can check the reservation only of those flights which have not yet been finished. For that, you need to know the reservation number and the last name of one of the passengers.
5. Technical troubleshooting of online reservation
The online reservation system is adjusted to the working hours of the agency. For that reason, there may be certain troubles with searching flights. (When a client types in two cities and dates of flights, and the system responds that there are no available tickets). In this case, we recommend that you contact us via phone or e-mail.
If a payment with your credit/ debit card fails, we recommend that you contact the clients’ support department of your bank and take the following steps:
- enable online payment with your debit/ credit card
-check the card limit on online-transactions
- to remove online transaction limit
The system allows three (3) attempts to pay with the same debit/credit card. The reservation can be paid within 60 minutes after the reservation number is received and confirmed.
In case of any errors while reserving due to using different internet browsers, or in case you do not see the information on your reservation on the screen, but you’ve already typed in your credit/debit card details, please contact our agency manager to clarify the issues.
6. Transaction security issues
Sky Travel HRG Ukraine takes all possible measures to make sure that your personal data, which you type in our corporate web page to use our services, is secured. We use necessary technologies, which secure the safety of your information on the Internet.
Our corporate web page uses Privat Bank payment gateway to receive payments for air tickets with Visa, Master Card debit/credit cards. This payment gateway uses SSL encryption to transfer information on the Internet. We do not store your credit/debit card details on the corporate server. This encrypted info goes directly to the payment system.
(!) Sky Travel HRG Ukraine agrees not to sell or submit the personal data to a third party without a client’s prior consent.
SSL protocol in integrated in all the web-browsers and web-servers and enables using general / personal encryption and security systems, programmed by RSA. Digital certificates allow a client to make sure that the SSL session is valid. SSL enables online transaction by combining three main elements:
1. Validity: digital certificate is connected to a separate domain name of the organization web site, and not with a general one.
2. Encryption: the process of transformation of the information, which guarantees that it is not decipherable for anyone but a target recipient. It is a combination of data and its secrecy important for online transaction.
3. Integrity: after creating SSL session, the content of all the connections between a client and a server is secured against outer-intervention. All the participants of a transaction are sure that the information which they received was created by another participant of an SSL session. The combination of three abovementioned elements in SSL session is easy but at the same time a powerful security solution, which allows securely making online transaction on our web page.
7. Buying e-ticket online.
Right after the payment, we create an e-air ticket and the system automatically sends a confirmation letter with the travel details and an e-ticket. If you desire, you can submit the print-out of an e-ticket at a check-in counter. (optional)
E-ticket – is a new technology, which makes your flight more comfortable.
The reservation procedure for a flight is standard, but the information about the flight, which is stated in the ticket, is not printed on paper, but securely stored in a special database of an airline company.
11. How many tickets can I buy at the same time?
You can buy up to 9 air tickets in the same reservation.
8. Can I reserve more than one flight for one session?
You can reserve up to 5 flights (one-way or return flight) within one day.
The number of passengers must not exceed 9 persons for each online reservation.
9. Can I pay for my friend (relative) with my debit/ credit card?
You can reserve and purchase a ticket for a passenger, who doesn’t travel with you.
10. How is cost of flight calculated?
Upon your request, the system offers several tariffs or one cheapest in a requested category (economy, business). The price depends on:
- Service class
- the date of a flight and the number of available seats;
- the tariff type (as a rule the cheapest tariffs have restrictions as for the availability of tickets, advance reservation, ticket refund, change of a flight date, etc.)The cost of a flight includes taxes and the agency service charges.
11. Which flights can I reserve online?
You can reserve any regular flight in «Amadeus Symphony», system not earlier than 3 hours before the flight and not later than 12 months after reservation.
We are constantly extending the range of services and offer some low-cost flights. For more information, contact our consultant.
12. Can I cancel or change an e-ticket online?
Currently, this option is available only for our consultants. Contact our consultants.
If you spot an error while reserving online, contact our consultant immediately.
13.How can I get a refund for an unused ticket?
Please, inform us about your decision to cancel online reservation via e-mail. After we receive an application from you, the refund is carried out in accordance with the details of a tariff. The confirmation on cancellation is sent to your e-mail.
Money is refunded to the payment account used for online reservation upon your request.
14. Changing the conditions of reservation.
The tariffs – are the tariffs for flights from place of departure to the destination place, stated in a ticket, valid for a certain service class on the day of payment. Every tariff conditions its rules : expiration date and tariff details.
15. How can I know If I need visa for travelling and how to get it?
Sky Travel HRG Ukraine is not responsible for breaking visa system. We recommend that you consult our representative before reservation and payment.
16. My passport soon expires. Can I travel in this case?
Please, make sure your passport is valid during your trip. Besides, the embassies of some countries require that your passport be valid for a longer period (6 months since the arrival, for instance). We recommend that you consult our representative before reservation and payment.
17. Is insurance compulsory?
We recommend buying insurance policy for all the travels abroad. Furthermore, it may be one of the requirements on the part of an embassy to get visa. Moreover, depending on the destination point, some types of vaccination may be obligatory. Consult your GP.
We recommend purchasing insurance policies in “European Tourist Insurance”.
18. Can my child travel alone?
In accordance with acting laws and the procedure of tickets reservation for children, online reservation for children to travel alone is impossible. The children who are not 5 years of age on the day of flight are not accepted onboard without escort of an adult (18 year-olds or over). Passengers who are from 5 to 16 years of age can travel with Ukrainian International Airlines without adults (special consent is required). The service is available during the whole flight – at the airports of departure, transitional airports and at destination airports. The representative of UIA attends to such passengers onboard. For these purposes the airline company determines a person who escorts a child during a check-in, onboard and at a destination point. The service is not available if a flight conditions the change of airports.
Pay attention that discounts for children’s tickets are not available if they travel alone.
The service of escort is obligatory depending on the age of a child.
We recommend that you contact the representatives of our company for more information on the escort service available in each airline company.
19. Can I order a special onboard menu and seat?
You can request a special menu on the payment page while reserving a ticket. Pay attention that this service is additional and your request can be rejected. Local and common flights do not condition special menu and seats are not booked in advance.
20. My profile.
To start reservation procedure, you can register in the system and create your profile. Your data will automatically appear during each of your next reservation. You can type in up to 9 passengers into the profile.
If you forgot your passport, please, contact our consultant to get a new password.