Reservation system offers the following payment methods:
- Visa / Master Cars through Privat Bank web page. We accept the main types of credit / debit cards of the following payment systems: Visa, Visa-Electron, Maestro, MasterCard.
- Cash in the office
- Invoice
- Non-cash payment

Early reservation and payment are possible not later than 2 days before the flight date. The ticket price corresponds to the price stated on the reservation page.
1.Online reservation payment with your credit/debit card
Step 1. Enter your credit/debit card details
After you successfully create your reservation, you’ll see the reservation number on the screen. To pay for the reservation, click the “PAY” button. The system takes you to the secured Privat Bank payment gateway, where you must enter your card details (card number, expiration date and security code) to confirm your payment. To guarantee our clients’ security, Privat Bank payment system identifies their clients with the cell phone number.
Step 2. Enter your cell phone number to authenticate yourself
After you enter your card details, the system requests your cell phone number and sends you an SMS with a password within a minute. Enter the password on the “payment confirmation” page. In case you’ve not received an SMS within 1-3 minutes, contact our consultant.
Step 3. Confirm your payment to get an e-ticket.
In case your transaction is successful, we receive this information online. If your transaction fails, we recommend that you take the following steps:
- Contact your bank support center to issue a debit card for internet payment;
- Increase online payment limits
- Confirm your payment on the Privat Bank gateway page
If you’ve followed all the possible recommendations – but your transaction fails anyway, contact our manager or choose a different payment method.
The money is written off as soon as the transaction is carried out on Privat Bank gateway page. Transaction currency is Hryvna (UAH), if the card is issued in Ukraine.
Attention! If your card is issued for transactions in a different currency (USD, RUB, EUR), the money is exchanged according to an exchange rate of a bank where your card was issued.
Step 4. Payment attempts
Our system allows 4 attempts to pay with your debit/credit card. At the fifth attempt – if you use the same card - the system rejects your request.
Step 5. Get your e-ticket after your transaction is confirmed
After we receive your payment, our manager issues an e-ticket. You automatically receive an e-mail with confirmation and an e-ticket.
On the profile page, you can use “My profile” service to see the info about passengers. You can type in up to 9 passengers into the profile.