Ticket cancellation / change

E-ticket is refunded only to the person who paid for the order. For a refund, a customer (payer) is bound to submit his/her passport. Whoever the applicant may be, money is refunded to the account of a Customer who personally paid for the ticket. For ticket cancelling, please, submit your application to email: booking@ua.hrgworldwide.com or via fax: +38 (044) 455-8412.

Pay attention to the penalties, which are set forth in a tariff section on the website. Low-cost tariffs (reasonably-priced variant) are strictly limited in conditions to change the date of a flight and to get a refund. It is strongly recommended (!) that you read the terms and conditions before finalizing a reservation process.

The tariff may not allow a refund or may condition only an unused ticket refund. The terms and conditions of the tariffs are published on the main reservation system page and are set forth on our web-site. Payment / ticket refund is carried out in the very same way as an initial payment:

-          To a debit/credit card of a customer

-          In cash in the office

-          To the bank account

The due date of a refund depends on the means of payment and the reasons for the refusal to take a passenger onboard.

  1.  Money transfer to the debit/credit card takes from 3 to 5 days after the total refund sum is confirmed by an agency manager.
  2. Cash refund is carried out in the office right after a customer submits all necessary documents.
  3. Refund to the bank account (only through invoice in a bank for individual and legal persons). To get a refund, you must submit:

the number of e-ticket; last name, name, patronymic name of a customer (in full); settlement account; the bank name, MFO, USREOU.

To get a refund through invoice in a bank, an individual person must submit a copy of TIN. Refund is possible only to a person who initially paid for a ticket. The refund takes from 3 to 5 days since the refund request is submitted.